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Tired of feeling frustrated, disregarded, and misunderstood. You wake up everyday with a renewed sense of commitment to yourself and your loved ones, but run out of drive before the day ends. You rush around doing what others expect of you but feel it goes unseen and underappreciated. Before you know it, the endless pressure to perform leads to feeling unloved, stuck, frozen, and eventually, the need to check out. I wonder if those around you truly realize everything you do or how you feel… If it makes any difference, what you are experiencing is not only normal, it is extremely common. Let's break out of this robotic rut you are in and experience the joy and connection with those around you that you deserve.



 Society has a way of communicating what type of people we should be, yet offers little to no understanding of who we are - the unique strengths we have to offer, or the barriers we face. This often leads many individuals to pursue lives that don’t mesh well with who they are as a person.

As a modern male myself I understand the mixed signals society sends us, the pressure it puts on us to perform, and the confusion experienced when things just aren’t working out. Whether you struggle with addiction, romantic relationship strains, family dynamic conflict, past traumatic experiences, or the need to make sense of the struggles millennial males face, contact me. Together we can navigate and overcome barriers to reach your dreams.

Individual therapy is a great opportunity to sort out all of these thoughts and have the complete attention of another person free of judgement and without all the “should” statements others normally provide. Be the boyfriend, fiance, husband, father, employee, or businessman you want to be. 

       Call/text or email me to see if we are a good fit and begin the process of reaching the goals you personally choose for yourself. I firmly believe everyone already has the strengths and skills to overcome the barriers in their life and live a life they enjoy.

Who is a Modern Male?

A Modern Male can look like you or me. One will often find a Modern Male striving to live a balanced life of passion and success, more specifically, a Modern male is someone who is on the verge of greatness but doesn’t always feel like it.  Regardless of what a Modern Male looks like, he is currently in a part of his life where some things come easy, but others don’t, and the struggle can often feel; overwhelming, stressful, filled with anxiety, lead to procrastination, overuse of substances, or in other words, chaotic.  Modern Male Mentoring is a great place to work towards being seen and treated for who you REALLY are versus what others think or say you are.  You owe it to yourself, let’s look at things from a different angle and see what is and isn’t working in your life. .

What is Modern Male Mentoring?

Millennial Male Mentoring is a great opportunity to sit down and decide not to live a life filled with stress, anxiety, procrastination, symptoms of PTSD, excessive worrying, or addictive behaviors.  Millennial Male Mentoring is a place where you can slow things down or talk things out so necessary decisions can be made. Modern Male Mentoring is a place where you can begin to imagine what YOU look like as the optimal boyfriends, fiancé, husband, father, or businessman you want to be versus what others tell you to be.

About Me

My name is George Fuentes. I pursued the degree of a Marriage and Family Therapist to assist others achieve what I have always wanted for myself, a rewarding life that comes from a reflection of my hard work (which at times was easier said than done). I utilize my curious, caring, and direct personality, in combination with a person centered approach to navigate men's issues of today. If you can't say you enjoy your life, it is time to see what is getting in your way. 

Millennial Male Therapist


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Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.
— Muhammad Ali